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Fly Line Cable Cam

  • The Fly Line Cable Cam is an excellent and safe solution to long tracking shots when other tools wont work for the situation.

  • Up to 600 ft runs and up to 15 degree slopes

  • Up to 35 lbs of payload

  • Can safely be used over crowds of people

  • End points can be programmed in to eliminate running into the end of the rope.

  • Multiple wheel ratios allows for slow speeds and high speeds up to 45mph

  • Multiple hours of run time

System Includes

  • Fly Line Cable Cam with 600ft. of Dyneema Synthetic Line (stronger than steel cable)

  • All Mounting Gear to safely mount from Scissor Lifts, Telephone Polls, Light Polls etc.

  • DJI Ronin 2 Stabilizer (game changer for highspeed moves)

  • Wireless Video

  • Monitors for operating

  • Note: System requires dual operators

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