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Equipment List

Brent has been fortunate to shoot just about every camera system and format (film and digital) on the planet including ARRI, AATON, RED, Phantom, Sony, and Panasonic. If there is a camera system you would prefer to shoot, Brent has the experience. Gear list is constantly changing as Brent adds new cameras, lenses, and support gear. Contact Brent for a comprehensive list of gear.

2-Sony FX9 Full-Frame 4K Camera Packages w/ PL Mount

Sony FX3 Camera

FreeFly Systems EMBER Highspeed Camera (Capable of 1000fps)


2-GoPro Hero 10

DJI Osmo 3 Pocket

Fuji Cinema Zoom 20-120mm PL Mount

Fujinon Cinema Zoom 85-300mm PL Mount

Sigma 18-35mm PL Mount

Tokina 11-16mm PL Mount

Full Set of DZO Primes

Sony 16-35mm,24-105mm,70-200mm,200-600mm

Bright Tangerine Matte Box

Various 4x4 and 4x5.65 Filters

72mm Filters

Tilta Nucleaus Wireless FIZ Unit

Small HD Monitors

20 in Sumo Monitor w/ Wirelss Video Feed

Aerial (Drone) and Cable Cam

FAA Licensed and Insured

DJI Mavic 3 w/ Pro Controller

FPV Drones both highspeed and lowspeed

1 in. Sensor 4K Camera

Larger Drone Experience

Fly Line Cable Cam System

Safe and Reliable Camera Movement

where drone usage is not possible

Sachtler Tripods x 3

DJI Ronin 2 Camera Gimbal (Big Cameras)

DJI RS3 Camera Gimbal (Smaller Cameras)

Ninja Dolly Slider

LitePro Gear 12ft Jib Arm

10 ft Jib utilizing Ronin 2

Motion Control Timelapse Setup

Car Mounting Kit

Polaris RZR XP Pro Turbo Off-Road Vehicle

Capable of transporting people and gear to just about any location

28ft. Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Aperture 600D LED Light

Aperture 300D LED Light

3- 1 x1 LED Panels

LED RGB Tube Lights

Various Soft Boxes and Light Modifiers

3-55w LED Fresnels


4x4 Flag and Net Set

Various Grip Gear (Cardellini, Maffers, etc.)

Everything you could possible need for interview type shoots and more.

Fuji 20-120mm
Jib w/ Ronin
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