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Armed with the latest and Greates in Gimbal Technology. Brent has been operating and mounting Gimbals since the first DJI Ronin was released (2014). Brent has operated Gimbals on many Sports Series, Documentaries, and Commercials over the years. The DJI Ronin Series is the basis for all our gimbal work on cars, jibs, and handheld. Gimbals can also be used with Brent's Segway Mini Pro for small form factor and smooth shots.

DJI Ronin 2

  • Can be used with just about any camera system (size of camera and weight are huge factors

  • Can handle 30 lbs of weight

  • System can be used handheld, can be mounted (cars, bikes, jibs, etc)

  • Included with the package DJI Ronin 2, 2 Sets of batteries for all day run-times, monitor, remote focus/iris/zoom, mounting plate, remote control.

  • Use my cameras or your

DJI Ronin S

  • Designed for use with small DSLR sized cameras or compact cinema cameras

  • Great Choice for more compact environments
  • System is predominately used handheld but can be used on things like jibs and cars
  • System includes Ronin S, Batteries, Focus Control
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